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What's your name?sarydactl/saraManta_Birostris/Todd
What do you do?I draw and steal ideas from Todd |Y . I make creative ideas which are stolen. I also do some icky coding things (or convince Sara to do them herself).
What's your favorite planet/dwarf planet/moon?Planet: Ancient Chinese Secret. Actually, not really, ancient China had no idea he existed. Dwarf Planet: Sedna. Moon: Titan.My favorite planet is NEPTUNE! KING OF THE SEA! Dwarf Planet: Sedna, always and forever. Moon: Charon~!
Pluto: Is it a planet?No |: . Get over it. Our freaking moon is bigger than that thing, and it's in a place advantageous for large planets. Therefore, it fails.I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU PLUTO!
What's your favorite color?



Do you FEEL GREAT!?"Larry, I'm quitting the company and starting my own. Oh, and by the way, I FEEL GREAT.""You're a great guy with great skills, You're gonna do great. What the hell, I'm coming with you."
Liek, a/s/l?liek, 19/F/Mountains, yo.20--Mail--SUPER FLATLANDS
You're in school, right? What are your majors?I major in bullshit Creative Writing with a focus on Poetry.I'm a Psychology major with a focus in family and marriage therapy, minoring in Creative Writing.
Likes and Dislikes, plz?I like green curry, but dislike most foods. I like thunderstorms and hate cold and sunny days -w- + . Meteorology is fun, as well as reading manga.ohgawd, don't ask me that. I suck at trying to think answers. I like everything and hate everything. DEAL WITH THAT.
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